What have we been doing this quarter?

OFAC Sustainability Projects 

The members of OFAC installed an exhibit in Seigfred Hall's Cube 4 Gallery on campus as part of the Residence Challenge on campus for energy efficiency.

Check out the article published in Compass here!


...and have you seen the lightbulb centerpieces set up during Conservation Dinners at the dining halls? OFAC created those from old lightbulbs collected around campus!


 What to get excited about?

Upcoming events:

Come to our next meeting! This sunday at 7:30 in the Lincoln Seminar room - bring friends, be a part o the fun, and see what OFAC is all about!

Come see some of OFAC's own members perform! March 4 and 5 - Winter Dance Concert at the Templeton Blackburn Memorial Auditorium!

7:30 pm both nights.

Plus more events this spring, in the theme of energy efficiency and conservation! Installations on campus and more!

OFAC is always looking for ways to get involved in the arts on campus, let us know if you have any ideas for projects!


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